On-demand media environment

Creating an On-demand media environment

As a marketer, it sounds interesting and scary.. good to think that people might be interested in reading, knowing, bloging, podcasting about my “company” and scary to think what if they don’t.. what if they are just too busy and are considering ads as frills and turning them into blink spots!

As ipresssroom (http://www.ipressroom.com) mentions in its white paper, blog-powered media rooms allow companies to think beyond the press release and social networking elements like participatory surveys, interactive forums, streaming media, media on-demand, blogs, podcasts, high-resolution image galleries and other online marketing communications elements can help leverage a company’s existing intellectual capital via the web.

I agree and am very happy to see where the next-gen media is moving… but still its difficult at times to sell this concept internally to own PR teams..!

Some Interesting figures regarding Online News readership

Source: comScore Media Metrix, Dec. 2006

So how do we ensure that the concept is sold within the organization?

  1. Understand benchmarks and create realistic SOV estimates.
  2. Pitch online story/press release to bloggers; wire them to new search engines
  3. Measure the Impact

More in my tomorrow’s post!


What is ROI? Return on investment or relevance, originality and innovation!

I was going thru a webcast of Digital marketing conference on iamai.in.

Very interesting things were being discussed and most important being ROI.. something that internet has to show and prove again and again.. and I feel its perfectly fine. This is what distinguishes this medium from others and to helps companies invest money “to start with”.

Mahesh Murthy, Founder & CEO, Pinstorm Technologies Ltd made an interesting comment on ROI.. something which I feel should be open for discussions..

What is ROI? Return on investment or relevance, originality and innovation! Which of the two would help companies win in long run? It is a medium for quick acquisition and reducing operations costs, as mentioned by Tina Singh : Head corporate marketing, ICICI Bank Ltd (http://www.24framesdigital.com/iamai/160307/session1_tina_singh.htm) in her wonderful presentation, or it is much more than that and should be considered as a channel which provides customer experience?

Srinivasan Rajagopal, Head eBiz Special Initiatives, Citibank made an interesting remark of whether internet is a Medium or an Experience. To my mind, it’s BOTH!

It’s a medium for acquisitions; for distribution as well as a channel which can deliver customer experience, depending on what is the end objective!

With so much of options available in the market, Customer has truly emerged as a king and in most cases a King Maker! With social networking, collaboration and experience sharing tools, like I can define target group to choose the customer; the customer can choose me amongst his list of favorites!