“Footloose”… a new way to explore the brand

Brands have a new way to interact with the consumers. Bacardi and Blackville have discovered ways to associate themselves with “adventure and travel”.  Though the ways in which they have done it is different. For Bacardi, its more an all paid travel of four groups of friends across Europe to reach Murmansk, Russia. The project is called Bacardi Murmansk Route.

 Bacardi Murmansk Route

 They have more than 6.000 km to go across with limited money and and a locked case with worthy and mysterious content, which they would come to know only if they finish their trip. As per Bacardi, it’s not a race, it’s not a competition, a homage to the travelers’ spirit of freedom. To add to this, each group has its own blog, where they post videos, comments and photos (Can view http://uno.murmanskroutebacardi.com)

Similar experiment was done by Toyota, about which had mentioned in my earlier post of Bloggers help sell high value products (https://pallavibhardwaj.wordpress.com/2007/06/05/bloggers-help-sell-high-value-products/) where they had asked bloggers to test-drive and post their experiences. Their finding from respective blogs were collected into a central blog, at http://www.aurisblog.gr/. That project was a success as it gave freedom to the bloggers to write and share their experiences, without reinforcing the brand. 

Bacardi Murmansk Route is an interesting concept to highlight the aspirational side of the Bacardi brand. Am sure it would generate quite some PR buzz, atleast in Spain.