Brand websites: An online tool to reckon with!

 Remember the days when each page “HAD” to have a BIG logo to be able to suffice the branding norms set by brand managers? Times have really changed with marketer spending money behind Campaign centric brand websites, which at times,  do not even carry the product name in the url. Take for instance sites by Meethamoments

Clinic All Clear :
Kwality Walls :
There are few other marketers who wish to experiment, but with limited risks, like:
Sunsilk :

Interestingly, all the above-mentioned sites cover brand and more. Besides talking about their won products, the websites provide a whole host of activities for the visitors. Slipping in to the genres of Social networking, these sites try to combine brand with every-day activity.  They seem to have understood the rules of the game: Activity and loyalty are key to SMM success”.