Social Media.. where do I connect with my target audience?

 “So.. Where is the pulp”!!

It’s a similar scenario in Internet marketing now.. the usual places where target audience were expected to be, have changed. Media consumers have now taken the shape of media creaters.

They are using various digital media platforms to create, publish and share images, videos and opinions! A new generation of “user generated content” is creating both problems and opportunities for marketers. 

So if I want to showcase a car commercial (video), where do I do that? On Automobile page of Media publications? Or on Youtube? Or on a community website? I definitely can’t be present everywhere…but I know my target audience are  indeed everywhere! 

So, though yes the media has become targetable, but it’s become far too fragmented for a media plan. To win in this scenario, one needs “creativity” more than “logical planning”