CEAT Makeover – Change is here

Why do brands go in for makeover?  The market need is to be more youthful? Or to compete with global brands they feel the need to embrace a brand change?


In case of CEAT, probably its both of the above and more. The fact that Youth is a lucrative segment, all brands are trying to be and look like them! Energized and Youthful!

Source: Businessworld issue 20-26 May 2008

It’s a good change and at a good time. The infrastructure is improving and probably 25-year-old Ceat Rhino was not a lucrative option for youngsters who focus on performance and agility which a Rhino was not capable to depicting.

The thought is great but not executed in a perfect way. Their website for example, doesn’t carry the logo anywhere. The site, which could have been a great tool to interact with users and provide them with commuters club /drive getaways, is currently far from interaction. Its just a static website. 

Their commercials and online campaign focus on “Change” and not “Energy” factor. If implemented well, this Energy and youth focus could have taken them places with high scalability options.It looks like a job half done – thought well, implemented poorly!




And I stumbled upon… Social bookmarking sites which couldn’t make it big

As big as del.icio.us, dig.com or reddit.com

Sites like Indiapad.com, Putvote.com, Indiagram.com and more. Why is it that these sites couldn’t make it big despite providing the same utility with localised flavour. Is it because they are just “Me too” sites or changing user preference is difficult. When I get same features on del.icio.us, what would or can make me shift/create another list of other site?

Having 2/3/4 email address is different from having to access 2/3 social bookmaking sites.

Number of email accounts and average per capita email Ids

All Internet Users

Mid/Sr. executives Above 35+ yrs

Projected Base



Sample Base



1 email id



2 email ids



3 email ids



4 email ids



5 or more email ids



Average email ids


















Source: Survey by JuxtConsult. Thanks for the information Mrutyunjay.


So what all products succeed despite being “Me too”? Simple guess – Those who have some great value proposition and are able to show value to the end user. Email providers competed wit each other of storage space, easy search features etc.


Am waiting to see what unique offering can sites like Indiapad.com, Putvote.com or Indiagram.com can provide to woo people off other established  bookmarking sites.  As said, my belief is that users wouldn’t prefer to maintain track of 2/3 pure utility sites.. as this defeats the very purpose of not having to remember “where did I bookmark it”