And I stumbled upon… Social bookmarking sites which couldn’t make it big

As big as, or

Sites like,, and more. Why is it that these sites couldn’t make it big despite providing the same utility with localised flavour. Is it because they are just “Me too” sites or changing user preference is difficult. When I get same features on, what would or can make me shift/create another list of other site?

Having 2/3/4 email address is different from having to access 2/3 social bookmaking sites.

Number of email accounts and average per capita email Ids

All Internet Users

Mid/Sr. executives Above 35+ yrs

Projected Base



Sample Base



1 email id



2 email ids



3 email ids



4 email ids



5 or more email ids



Average email ids


















Source: Survey by JuxtConsult. Thanks for the information Mrutyunjay.


So what all products succeed despite being “Me too”? Simple guess – Those who have some great value proposition and are able to show value to the end user. Email providers competed wit each other of storage space, easy search features etc.


Am waiting to see what unique offering can sites like, or can provide to woo people off other established  bookmarking sites.  As said, my belief is that users wouldn’t prefer to maintain track of 2/3 pure utility sites.. as this defeats the very purpose of not having to remember “where did I bookmark it”





3 Responses

  1. Received a Google Alert and read this article…

    Good that you brought out the point… most of the Indian “me too” ones currently miss-out in one possible/major “me too differentiation” of “local language”; it can be a great differentiator (China & we differ there – Baidu was me too of Google yet successful).

    Second point, rather first point: Without sounding sexist, I don’t see any effort to make “Internet Reach Women in India”… largely consumption decision/influence is made by women in India, “where is the benefit for Indian women to be on the net?” The current women on net (around 15% – 17%) are predominantly the working women”.

    I guess the issue is people are blinded by the ideas already available/executed in US/West rather than fresh local thinking. The issue is in their ‘marketing basics’… very few Indian internet start ups think ‘benefits for the users’/’users’ current unmet needs’ etc. … most of them are either ‘blinded/biased by the western execution’ or just act on that regular ‘big idea’, “let’s start something that the firang original player would buy out when enters India, and eventually they will enter India”.

    “Currently entrepreneurship in India is largely with exit plans prepared much before even sustaining the start up business…” (may sound too sweeping a statement).

    Funnily someone recently told me (and left me thinking on it): “we Indian’s are not game for institution building, very few of us has been able to build one… to me it is ‘only Tatas’ (but they are Parsi), I don’t even consider Infosys, Chotta Ambani (ADAG) & Bharti enterprises as institutions; they grew because of the industry growth, Indians are yet to prove themselves in institution building. Westerners are seemingly good in that, so let’s incubate, grow and leave it to westerners to manage and sustain and take it to a real institution level.” {yes he is not an entrepreneur 🙂 but has given a perspective to think & challenge}

    I guess your next piece should be on “Ad Networks”… that thing is also going crazy world over 🙂

  2. hmm, can’t really compare mail service providers to social bookmarking… you’ve rightly said that the competition b/w the mail guys are on storage, user interface etc. also, i can use different mail ids for different purposes – one for my virtual interactions like blogs, communities, one semi official one for those large files and so on.. some of them are even used for pure storage… but on SB sites, the concept of tagging eliminates the need for separate compartments (though we still have public/private etc).. the worse part is that i doubt if one SB site would allow imports from another, which means manually repeating the carefully cultivated bookmarks. phew, no way, someone really has to make a gigantic leap to make me quit

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