Brands and memorable jingle!

Even today, with multiple interactive avenues in advertising, role of jingle is unquestionable.. Though jingles started for radio advertising, they still form an important part of marketing mix even in age of online gaming.

Jingle of Parachute oil – “Pyaar mein… Gorgeous Hamesha’” was not just aired on TV and radio, was hosted on their website, on portals, on YouTube and hosted as ringtones across many sites. On Reliance Mobile World, this jingle was deployed under the Romantic Hits category.  I have heard my friends listen to this time an again on their laptop!

As a country, we not only love pleasant and soothing tunes, but even voices of our actors and actresses, and any brand that uses a famous celebrity voice to promote its products has met with success. Amitabh Bachhan, Naseeruddhin Shah and others have been famous not only for acting, but even for amazing voice quality!

Jingles which were melody based, with the brand name mentioned multiple times increased brand recall and became a synonym for the industry. Am linking some amazing, old and new jingles with their Brands…do add links for others incase you find them. These brands are best remembered for their music! Enjoy!!!

·         Parachute : Georgeous Hamesha
·         Hamara Bajaj
·         Nirma
·         Airtel
·         Titan watches
·         Vicco Tumeric cream
·         Frooti




2 Responses

  1. Indeed, brands and jingles go now into quite creative depth of the Internet.

    Check the fashion portfolio of Brands-and-Jingles, among others:,,, etc on


  2. wow! super!

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