Social Media for Business..?

Why not? What is it that drives business?


1.  Good Product?  Naah! All have it! In such competitive market, bad products don’t survive and die soon..

2.  Innovative solutions? Did you say you introduced something new? Wait for a day till I improvise on your innovations and go big bang with it!

3.  Good service? Though it can be a differentiator, but only after a deal has been closed.. maybe not a key driver to close the deal as all claim to provide best service.

So then what? It’s “Relationship” that drives decisions.

 What is it that you desire from your prospects? 

– To be transaction oriented?
– take impulsive decision and hence choose you?


– To be loyal to you
– To be passionate about your brand!

 The answer needs no guess work… hence, focus social media plan to develop relationships and not run one off campaign/viral for short term publicity.

 Some brands who have been successful at this : 

1. Sunsilk

a.       Social networking community: Sunsilk Gang Of Girls
      Channel on Youtube and wiki

2.  Absolut Vodka*

a. Online video:  ABSOLUTworld
b. Social networks:  Top Bartender page on Facebook.

3. Ford*:

a.       Blogging: Sponsored a test drive event for women bloggers
      Microblogging: Twitter account for North America.
       Social networks: Ford Drives U Facebook group for student buyers.
      Wiki:  Where are the Joneses?
       WOM campaign:  Hurra Torpedo campaign

4.  Motorola*.

a.   Wikis: MOTO Q Wiki with how-tos on using the phone.

5. Pfizer. 

a. Widgets:  Frame-Your-Horse widget on Yahoo.  

* source:


Hence, Key rules

1.   Develop relationships

2.   pass on the power to users – don’t hold back and use social media as PR broadcasting channel

3.   learn to lissen and answer – without aggression and temper

4.   respect comments and criticism

5.   most important – start small. Dream big but take one step at a time and let the community/users own up the channel.

Be very clear of what your audience wants before working on social media strategy



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