Taubah Tubaah!

Tubaah – the latest offering from NDTV Convergence looks like a good product backed with some keen and interesting marketing initiatives.

Am happy to see a product, which brings in forefront NDTV lineage and new media. It will have few challenges to cater to, still, overall beta version looks impressive. Few things that I think could have been given more attention to are:

1. Logo – Doesn’t show what this product stands for – it’s a stylized blue font.. Maybe they could have experimented more with this and come out with something better.. so unique that I would have said “taubah”!

2. It’s VERY similar to YouTube in its colour scheme – shades of blue and light grey. When the existing product is so strong and popular, maybe they could have tried a different look and combination. A light maybe fluorescent green could have made this look fresh, new and vibrant.

3. Calling personal channel tubes was the last thing they should have done. YouTube is there.. I do not need a My Tube!

4. The lead story comprises of images – maybe they are planning to come out with image bank, but till they do that, for a Video site this should be video content. And honestly, I feel News is much more entertaining that other “entertainment” videos. Maybe they could showcase recent happenings in Mangalore and stand taken by our “moral policing agencies”.

Though am happy with the video quality, production functionality and marketing, some small things which can have lasting impact have been overlooked.

But what the heck, this is just their beta version! Am sure they will improve it as it rolls out.