ePR…Social media marketing.. online reputation management.. now what..

Most of us start the project with a bang! Here we are starting this project that would change the way we are perceived in the market.. we go whole hog – empanel an agency, ensure we provide all the information needed.. and keep checking Google for results.

 How often do we measure the value received. I read a lot about measurement – am quite fond of that too – still, many times I too believe that the project is successful just because the agency reports say so.

 Few small things that we can do at our end to cross check –  besides Google search! 🙂

  1. Footfalls
    1. Create landing pages for key products/topics and monitor them regularly – brand mentions, if get converted into footfalls on the site add to the tangible benefit. 
    2. Provide additional information, contact and an asset that you want users to know about  – white paper, webinar signups/links, newsletter, demos, etc
    3. Measure Inbound links – see the kind of pages/sites that are linking to you.
  2. Eyeballs
    1. Monitor Google and Yahoo alerts for you and compete.
    2. Monitor Social media mentions – mention on blog posts, micro-blogs, answers, tagging and sharing sites. Many sites can help you in social media search – http://socialmention.com/, http://www.whostalkin.com and more – I find these 2 interesting.
    3. Content/mention on other web sites and publications. Try to provide links to the company site from the main body, not just contacts.

Let me see how well this works and keeps my enthusiasm going– this is my Q1 of these reports!


3 Responses

  1. Pallavi,

    There are also professional services designed specifically for monitoring purposes that can help save you time that you might want to check out.
    Here at Synthesio (www.synthesio.com) we monitor over 100,000 traditional (online newspapers, magazines, etc) and social media sources (Facebook, Twitter, etc) in 130 countries to present a clear picture of who exactly is saying what; where, when, and why.
    We would be happy to answer any questions you would have so don’t hesitate to write or follow us on Twitter (@Synthesio). In the meantime, good luck on your Q1 and best of wishes for your enthusiasm!


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