What would you do with “brought friends”?

This service will guarantee you a slew of new followers in the time stated or we’ll provide you with a further 20% at no charge. In other words, we’re so confident that we’ll deliver on our promises or you’ll get 20% more followers than you’ve paid for in the end


Will this help? With Dell story, people have started viewing Twitter as money making machine instead of a communication tool.

Is this the future? How do we measure popularity with such bought/brought “friends”?

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are communities that thrive on conversations and personal interaction. I do not go to facebook to become fan.. I go for interaction, I might become a fan, but that is a personal choice.

If community too becomes a number game where someone can pay money to get 10,000 twitter followers/facebook fans, where is the personal touch?

Are we at the verge of Social Media bubble burst?