Weekly roundup (22-26 Feb 2010)

1. Google real-time search adds status updates from Facebook Pages

It’s the first time the search giant has indexed content from the world’s largest social network in its real-time results.

The key thing to remember, however, is that Google has much more limited access to Facebook’s real-time data than its competitor, Bing. Microsoft has deeper ties to the social network, as an investor in Facebook and as a search provider for the site.

Microsoft has the ability to index public status updates, while Google’s access is limited to updates from Pages, which are vehicles for marketing rather than personal content.

Source: http://digital.venturebeat.com/2010/02/24/google-real-time-search-facebook-pages/

2. Jivisha.com – Doctors Get Own Social Networking Space

My opinion: I don’t see this model to be successful soon in India. There are many “yellow” pages that have profile of doctors.

Few questions:

  1. Would I go to a doctor reading about him/her on social networking page?
  2. How feasible is it for doctors to continue answering to queries by patients – for free
  3. How much time would busy/well trained and popular doctors spend on this?
  4. In presence of sites like NDTVdoctor that have specialized advisory panel of doctors, how credible would this site sound.

 Having said that, I tried this new feature that I have not seen on other sites – Search by Symptom. It is basically a doctor(specialist) search depending on symptom that you choose from an interactive application. Something that could be a selling point!

 3. Government finally gives approval to the 3G auction

 It is widely being speculated that in most circles three slots would be on sale while a few areas may have enough air waves to accommodate four players. However, Delhi area can have only two slots – thanks to extreme spectrum saturation.

Source: http://mobile.engadget.com/2010/02/24/india-picks-april-9-for-long-overdue-3g-auction/

 4.  Sports fever goes online!

–          Comscore Media metrics has announced statistics for sports websites in India which has seen a huge jump in visitors and time spent in January 2010.


–          After scoring 200 runs in an ODI innings against South Africa, Sachin became a twitter master too owning 3 out of the top 10 trending spots on twitter.  Most trended keyword was #sachinisgod – for almost 4 hours all through South Africa’s second innings.

–          Another good news is that youtube has bagged a 2 year exclusive deal with the IPL for streaming matches live. They have also roped in a sponsor for online series.

Source:  http://www.watblog.com, Comscore

5. DOCOMO – did the new! 

By giving away completely free access to Major social Networks like – Facebook, Twitter, Orkut & LinkedIn through its Buddynet Plan. The plan will also offer free usage of Nimbuzz chatting app on its network by Buddynet subscribers.

Source:  http://www.watblog.com

6. Maharashtra Police Launches ePortal http://gms.maharashtra.gov.in/CMS/


King of clones

Do we need more than 1 touch-point to reach the same place? Or better still duplicate websites?

When you think of news, what comes to mind? – NDTV/IBN or Shaadi.com? If Shaadi.com ties-up with NDTV/IBN to provide “their” news in a co-branded way, will it become a success? Or would it stay as “good to have” feature with no future planning?

So what is a better approach? To offer a bouquet of services in related genre? Or expand in all possible directions – related or unrelated?


Network 18

As long as one take ownership and is not based on just tie-ups. The way Network 18 has expanded in all possible segments – by investing in them – not just tie-ups.

A great thing that NDTV has created is NDTV Social. Personally, I am a big fan of it. I believe the team and leadership at NDTV have created a good product and have tried to bridge the gap between anchors and audience. Something that IBM had also done successfully be being fore runner for “audience anchors”.

Still, despite having tasted success in something that they own, why did NDTV decide to go in for a tie-up again –for Property.  

NDTV Property 

Will I go to NDTV for property lookup? Not unless they come out with their own strong product and yes promote it heavily to get my mindshare.