Ready or not – here I come..

Ready or not – here I come – This is what I hear when I watch Gen Z playing hide-n-seek..

Gen X used to ask “Are you ready,,, should I come?”

Now that’s a change!

Where Gen X was more Brand loyal, Gen Y is more loyal to medium than Brand. They want to engage/interact with Brands on their own terms. They have favourite Internet stores and networks where they spend time..till they chance upon a better option.

For them, Self expression takes over Self Control

So how does one engage with them? Some consumer companies have figured out a way to keep in touch with Gen Y.. on their own terms.

The idea is to interact, engage and keep an element of surprise, humour and suspense! Let the consumers engage with you in entirely new and innovative ways – using the medium they are loyal to.. though not being limited by it.

Here are some examples of how airlines have used social media to engage using elements that were executed on-ground and on-air.

TAP Air Portugal

On Christmas day, the staff of TAP Portugal and Aeroports de Portugal launched into a spontaneous dance routine which brought a cheer to the Christmas travelers. The performance included a number of popular English songs the staff gooved to, and even  Bollywood number! The dance followed an airport announcement for “Flight 000, where only happiness was allowed on-board.”

This was recorded and posted on their official YouTube channel. The video received over 210,000 views on Youtube in just 4 days. Till date, it has  been viewed 1,747,487 times  (5 months)


“Fly Girls” – Reality TV show featuring VA crew members


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