After a long time..

I see my last post was in 2010. So much has changed since then! I moved to London for some years … became a mom 🙂 and then decided to come back to India…! Its been such an exciting journey- both personally and professionally.

I always said that the lines between channels to reach out the B2C and B2B guy is blurring. Of course the buyer jouney differs a lot. B2B buyers don’t do any impulse shopping, are still loyal to the brand due to complexity involved and have a longish gestation time. But to get into the consideration set, its same the same old vehicles. Peer review and word of mouth are top vehicles for both.

Content is the key here.

“61% of prospects prefer to buy from companies who create their own content and experiences.”

Source: eMarketer, “Lead Generation biggest challenge for B2B”