A memorable decade..

Last day of a decade.. and what  a decade it was.  Still remember those initial internet and online marketing days when “But who will see it on internet” was such a difficult question to answer. . I remember struggling with data to justify a merge 1.5-2.0 lac spends on online.

Client, and probably rightly so, were very apprehensive of the medium..  those days with dial-up connections, only animated gif banners and emailers were possible.

However,  few clients had that vision and they utilized online marketing and paved way for innovations.  Citibank, Incredible India campaign (Ministry of Tourism) come to mind not only as they were top spenders, they were open to new formats.

Now with the kind of broadband connections, internet penetration and interactive media units, social media and networks mushrooming every day, we surely have come a long way..  

And with so many options available, we now have problem of plenty..  How to target right audience without being intrusive or spreading ourselves too thin..


SEO Notes – Understanding search engine working

All search engines contain the following main components.

1. Crawler program to follow the links on each webpage. Its task is follows the links and scan the documents and web pages.
2. Spider is a program that downloads web pages on instructions of crawler. It does not have any visual components and works directly with the underlying HTML code of the page.
3. Indexer analyzes web pages downloaded by the spider. It parses each page and analyzes the various elements, such as text, headers, structural or stylistic features, special HTML tags, etc.
4. Database– storage for downloaded and processed pages
5. Results engine – extracts search results from the database. Is one of the important components as this determines which pages best match a user’s query and in what order the they should be listed.
6. Web server – a server that is responsible for interaction between the user and other search engine components.

Pleasantly surprised

While working on an Online reputation management project for company leadership, thought would check my reputation quotient. So started with Google search – results showed linkedin, naymz and other business networking sites besides few posts from my blog – pallavibhardwaj.wordpress.com

Then came across posts by Gaurav (http://www.gauravonomics.com/blog/list-of-social-media-blogs-in-india/) and Sampad Swain (http://sampadswain.com/2008/09/top-10-social-media-blogs-in-india/). They had done research on top social media blogs in India and I was pleasantly surprised to see my blog listed there. Though I do not believe in ranking but was happy to find my name in the must read blogs. Think enough inspiration to keep blogging.


Thanks both.